Vacation to Bucktown

Are you planning on visiting Bucktown? There is a host of places and activities to keep you entertained during the whole trip in Bucktown.

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Bucktown became a part of the larger Chicago area around the year 1837 when the Wicker brothers settled there and started developing it. Through the years, it has developed into a very popular and lively neighborhood, with a diverse cultural and social status. It has expanded to accommodate all classes of people, from working class to students to the lower class. The name Wicker Park was derived from the park the Wicker brothers developed around the year 1870.

For an individual brought up there or a visitor wishing to spend some good time at Bucktown, they are guaranteed of a variety of good time utilities. From parks to hotels to clubs, one is assured of the best treatment that they would want to have. This article will try to outline some activities that one can plan to engage themselves in while visiting Bucktown. This can also apply to the natives willing to have some different taste of life in their neighborhood.

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As one sets off to have some good time, they can choose to explore the many neighborhood restaurants that are finely constructed by some of Chicago’s best masonry contractors. They can decide to dine at any of the many restaurants that usually participate in, for example, the Chicago Restaurant Week. Bucktown boosts of about 23 restaurants that are usually part of the participants. With all these choices, one cannot feel lost, bored or even hungry.

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All About Bucktown

When the name Bucktown is mentioned, one would want to google everything they might want to know about it. From family-friend places, clubbing life, general entertainment, politics and crime, Bucktown provides a lot to be learned about itself. This article tries to provide as much information as one might need to have to learn and know about this town. Bucktown has a deeper history of its growth and development that dates from late 1870’s.


Bucktown is a neighborhood that derived its name from the huge numbers of goats that were raised around there in the 19th Century. It was then an integral part of Polish Downtown. It is located to the east of the Logan Square, Chicago and the north of Wicker Park. Despite all the negative aspects, which are associated with every urban area, it is viewed as perhaps the trendiest area in Chicago.

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What’s Up in Bucktown?

It’s so hard to tell if Bucktown is on the rise or not.

Since the beginnings of Bucktown’s history, it was always seen as a hip place to be in Chicago. With Wicker Park, many of the boutiques, hip restaurants, and overwhelming urban feel, Bucktown has always been a popular place of notability.

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The past few years has caused the image of Bucktown to take on an image of danger and a hangout for people with little regard for humanity. While some areas are doing their best to provide a pleasant environment for the residents, all that Bucktown has been in the news for as of late has been shootings, robberies, law enforcement and political corruption, restaurants closing, and everyone who lives in the district has become a little anxious and on edge.

The schools are underfunded, the teachers are paid so low that there aren’t any good teachers to mentor the youth for such little money. Fred Ramirez, a former Bucktown teacher quit his job as an elementary school teacher for just that. His pay was well below what he felt he was worth, and found he can earn about 20% being an exterminator in Berkeley, California. Even with the tax rates, he says the money is well worth it after tax season. With Bucktown losing residents seeking higher wages elsewhere, people are looking elsewhere for a place that could provide them more value.

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Welcome Bucktowners

What Up Bucktown! is a place for residents and people familiar or interested in the hood of Bucktown in Chicago, IL. The area is quite a happening area with a ton of history surrounding it- our goal as a blogging website is to share the perspective of the people who live here with the rest of the world as well as create a sense of community among the people who live within or nearby the boundaries.

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Although there is mostly residential living in Bucktown, there is a ton action going on throughout the area. Development has given Bucktown an original appeal in terms of old and trendy architecture and also is able to bring in some tourism.

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