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Cisc-bucktown.org is a place for residents and people familiar or interested in the hood of Bucktown in Chicago, IL. The area is quite a happening area with a ton of history surrounding it- our goal as a blogging website is to share the perspective of the people who live here with the rest of the world as well as create a sense of community among the people who live within or nearby the boundaries.

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Although there is mostly residential living in Bucktown, there is a ton action going on throughout the area. Development has given Bucktown an original appeal in terms of old and trendy architecture and also is able to bring in some tourism.

The history of Bucktown is commonly deemed to be from Polish roots. In the 1800’s many Polish people emigrated to the area and began settling around the 1830’s. As they began moving in, many of city’s streets were named after some of the leading people in the area, but was changed later on.

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After some years and Chicago growing as a city, many more Polish people moved in between 1939 and 1960 when they needed a new place to live. They lived in close proximity with other Polish people and formed businesses where they often spoke the Polish language to one another. In Bucktown, there was also an influx of European Jews and Belarus people who moved in.

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In the early and mid 1960’s, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexican people began to immigrate to the area where they lived in very concentrated groups near Damen and Milwaukee.

From 1975-2000, there has been a spike in the artistic culture of Bucktown, and many aspiring professional artists have begun to move in and call it their home. In part, because of this, there have been total remodels of restaurants, buildings, and beautiful residential lofts, apartments, and homes that have sprung up through the city as the older architecture was taken down.

There are three Polish Cathedrals that are located in Bucktown. The Covenant Presbyterian Church, the Church of St. Mary of the Angels, and St.Hedwig Church.

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Bucktown is also commonly called “Wicker Park,” after two brothers who were prominent developers in the 1860’s and 70’s. They purchased nearly 100 acres of land and immediately built up a neighborhood, streetways, and sewer systems. A construction of a lake was later added and a park was erected that is 4 acres in size, and it was given the name, Wicker Park after Charles G. Wicker and Joel H. Wicker. This is where people commonly refer to the entire area as Wicker Park.

Part of the acclaim to Bucktown is the mix of ethnicities and the different classes of people who all have roots from many types of populations.

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Today, Bucktown consists of African Americans, Germans, Scandinavians, Polish, Jews, and other Europeans. It is primarily a working class area that is continuing to thrive.

Future posts will talk about living in Bucktown and part of the appeal to the Chicago area that Bucktown provides.

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