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When the name Bucktown is mentioned, one would want to google everything they might want to know about it. From family-friend places, clubbing life, general entertainment, politics and crime, Bucktown provides a lot to be learned about itself. This article tries to provide as much information as one might need to have to learn and know about this town. Bucktown has a deeper history of its growth and development that dates from late 1870’s.


Bucktown is a neighborhood that derived its name from the huge numbers of goats that were raised around there in the 19th Century. It was then an integral part of Polish Downtown. It is located to the east of the Logan Square, Chicago and the north of Wicker Park. Despite all the negative aspects, which are associated with every urban area, it is viewed as perhaps the trendiest area in Chicago.

Bucktown is located strategically to the Eastern side of the Logan Square community while the North Branch of the Chicago River borders it to the Eastern side too. From the South, Bloomingdale Avenue stands while the Western Avenue and Diversely Parkway border Bucktown to the West and North respectively. Through the neighborhood passed the Kennedy Expressway that gives the residents easy access by motor vehicles to Chicago land and other neighboring areas, including Fullerton, Armitage Avenue, and Elston. This gives the best openings for the residents regarding shopping, entertainment plus any other business practices.

bucktown neighborhood

Bucktown, from the 2010 census, hosts approximately 18,000 residents. This is however below Chicago’s average community density probably because it is mainly made up of single-family homes and low-rise buildings. However, it is still the most sought-after neighborhood in Chicago. To commute from Bucktown to Chicago’s central business district has many and quick options. It becomes easy from the fact that it has easy access to some bus lines and also the Kennedy Expressway. Numerous bike lanes are also present easing movement along major streets for cyclists.

On matters education, Bucktown boasts a healthy mix of charter, public, private, and selective enrollment schools for the different class of families. The private schools include church-based and private owned schools, offering a different level of teaching as compared to public schools. There are also some Montessori schools around, as well as an International Baccalaureate school.

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Though security is an issue here, just like a normal urban settlement, the presence of vibrant civic engagement of citizens helps fight and minimize crime rates. This through their Chicago Alternative Policing have beat meetings and block clubs that ensure crime is mitigated quickly, especially immediately as it happens. There is also an advantage in Bucktown from the high presence of people in the streets, which naturally reduces or prevents crime activities from happening.

Individuals who love shopping, foods and clubbing will not have a shortage of areas to patronize. There is always a wide selection of beer and beer selling places with numerous accompaniments. For those who wish to cook at home, the finest groceries stores are found in this town. Specialty food stores and corners will ensure a variety of choices for shoppers and customers. Matters entertainment can hardly be ignored here. Urban life experience welcomes you here. From music, life theaters, and performances, arts festivals, outdoor activities will make one’s weekend a worth one.

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From all the above offers that Bucktown provides, it is more likely that any visitor or native will enjoy themselves more than not. Getting bored of this town is never a vocabulary, from the many positive attributes that outweigh the negative ones.

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