Vacation to Bucktown

Are you planning on visiting Bucktown? There is a host of places and activities to keep you entertained during the whole trip in Bucktown.

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Bucktown became a part of the larger Chicago area around the year 1837 when the Wicker brothers settled there and started developing it. Through the years, it has developed into a very popular and lively neighborhood, with a diverse cultural and social status. It has expanded to accommodate all classes of people, from working class to students to the lower class. The name Wicker Park was derived from the park the Wicker brothers developed around the year 1870.

For an individual brought up there or a visitor wishing to spend some good time at Bucktown, they are guaranteed of a variety of good time utilities. From parks to hotels to clubs, one is assured of the best treatment that they would want to have. This article will try to outline some activities that one can plan to engage themselves in while visiting Bucktown. This can also apply to the natives willing to have some different taste of life in their neighborhood.

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As one sets off to have some good time, they can choose to explore the many neighborhood restaurants that are finely constructed by some of Chicago’s best masonry contractors. They can decide to dine at any of the many restaurants that usually participate in, for example, the Chicago Restaurant Week. Bucktown boosts of about 23 restaurants that are usually part of the participants. With all these choices, one cannot feel lost, bored or even hungry.

On a second count, one can choose to go for ice skating. When the freezing weather especially returns, community funded skating activities open up and this would be a good time for any visitor around. This would offer another good mode of relaxation and enjoy life while at this part of Chicago, that is, Bucktown.

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When one is much of a shopper, they can choose to do some shopping mostly over the weekends. In most cases, stalls and shops will hold weekend sales where essential clothing are sold at the best prices in the market with price discounts of up to 40 percent for example, on sweaters and jackets. Some select markdowns will go up to 90 percent off, giving the best offer that one can get on shopping.

There are most of us who prefer clubbing, singing ourselves out and dancing. Some will enjoy cool music while others enjoy the high-pitched music. Several clubs offer spaces and a lot of spaces, enough for dancing and sitting. These clubs will have different hours of operation, giving each leveler a choice on time depending on their schedules, with some running up to 2 a.m.

During such a month as February, several community and public places will offer the best when it comes to family time. Over the weekends, for example, family and friends activities are up for a variety of choices and activities. One can choose to have some good time with their family and friends at the swimming pools available, playgrounds where public sports are available or even tours around the facilities.

With all the options pointed out plus more to be exploited, one can never run out of ideas for the best entertainment or winding up joints. The best side of it, if one gets enough of a joint, the others are openly calling out for them. It is a time that will naturally pull you back again and again. You would want to visit it over and over without getting enough of it.

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